Essential books illuminating key periods of history, from the Romans to the Tudors to World War 1. Delve into the history of England with Peter Ackroyd, explore Britain’s forgotten multicultural past with David Olusoga, or uncover the violent rise of early Christianity with Catherine Nixey.

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Margaret George’s favourite stories of the Roman Empire.

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  1. Book cover for Christ's


  2. Book cover for The Boys In The Boat

    The Boys In The Boat

    Daniel James Brown

  3. Book cover for The Lonely Leader

    The Lonely Leader

    Alistair Horne

    David Montgomery

  4. Book cover for The Imperial War Museum Book of 1914

    The Imperial War Museum Book of 1914

    Malcolm Brown

  5. Book cover for Mr Foote's Other Leg

    Mr Foote's Other Leg

    Ian Kelly

  6. Book cover for My Life as a Spy

    My Life as a Spy

    Leslie Woodhead

  7. Book cover for Counting One's Blessings

    Counting One's Blessings

    William Shawcross

  8. Book cover for Alexander the Great

    Alexander the Great

    Paul Cartledge

  9. Book cover for The Spartans

    The Spartans

    Paul Cartledge

  10. Book cover for City of Abraham

    City of Abraham

    Edward Platt

  11. Book cover for Killing Kennedy

    Killing Kennedy

    Bill O'Reilly

    Martin Dugard

  12. Book cover for The Meaning of Recognition

    The Meaning of Recognition

    Clive James

  13. Book cover for An Anatomy of Terror

    An Anatomy of Terror

    Andrew Sinclair

  14. Book cover for Josephine


    Andrea Stuart

  15. Book cover for The Sixties Unplugged

    The Sixties Unplugged

    Gerard DeGroot

  16. Book cover for A Way of Life

    A Way of Life

    Reginald Kray

  17. Book cover for Tudors


    Peter Ackroyd

  18. Book cover for Inspector Minahan Makes a Stand

    Inspector Minahan Makes a Stand

    Bridget O'Donnell

  19. Book cover for Churchill's Cigar

    Churchill's Cigar

    Stephen McGinty

  20. Book cover for Shakespeare's Local

    Shakespeare's Local

    Pete Brown

  21. Book cover for A History of the World

    A History of the World

    Andrew Marr

  22. Book cover for Reliable Essays

    Reliable Essays

    Clive James

  23. Book cover for Former People

    Former People

    Douglas Smith

  24. Book cover for My Secret Sister

    My Secret Sister

    Helen Edwards

    Jenny Lee Smith

  25. Book cover for Love Thy Neigbor

    Love Thy Neigbor

    Peter Maass

  26. Book cover for The Habit of Victory

    The Habit of Victory

    Peter Hore

  27. Book cover for The Millionaire's Unit

    The Millionaire's Unit

    Marc Wortman

  28. Book cover for A Point of View

    A Point of View

    Clive James

  29. Book cover for The Prince

    The Prince

    Niccolò Machiavelli

  30. Book cover for Inside Hitler's Bunker

    Inside Hitler's Bunker

    Joachim Fest

  31. Book cover for The Last Days of Hitler

    The Last Days of Hitler

    Hugh Trevor Roper

  32. Book cover for Seeds of Wealth

    Seeds of Wealth

    Henry Hobhouse

  33. Book cover for Spies and Commissars

    Spies and Commissars

    Robert Service

  34. Book cover for The Opium War

    The Opium War

    Julia Lovell

  35. Book cover for Armed Struggle

    Armed Struggle

    Richard English

  36. Book cover for Forgotten Land

    Forgotten Land

    Max Egremont

  37. Book cover for Foundation


    Peter Ackroyd

  38. Book cover for To End All Wars

    To End All Wars

    Adam Hochschild

  39. Book cover for Bury the Chains

    Bury the Chains

    Adam Hochschild

  40. Book cover for Titanic Thompson

    Titanic Thompson

    Kevin Cook

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