Essential books illuminating key periods of history, from the Romans to the Tudors to World War 1. Delve into the history of England with Peter Ackroyd, explore Britain’s forgotten multicultural past with David Olusoga, or uncover the violent rise of early Christianity with Catherine Nixey.

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Margaret George’s favourite stories of the Roman Empire.

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  1. Book cover for Historic London

    Historic London

    Stephen Inwood

  2. Book cover for Irish Freedom

    Irish Freedom

    Richard English

  3. Book cover for Europe at War 1939-1945

    Europe at War 1939-1945

    Norman Davies

  4. Book cover for An Unexpected Light

    An Unexpected Light

    Jason Elliot

  5. Book cover for Occupational Hazards

    Occupational Hazards

    Rory Stewart

  6. Book cover for The Fall of the Roman Empire

    The Fall of the Roman Empire

    Peter Heather

  7. Book cover for The Shackled Continent

    The Shackled Continent

    Robert Guest

  8. Book cover for Strangers


    Graham Robb

  9. Book cover for Lady Gregory's Toothbrush

    Lady Gregory's Toothbrush

    Colm Toibin

  10. Book cover for The Travels of Ibn Battutah

    The Travels of Ibn Battutah

    Ibn Battutah

  11. Book cover for The Third Reich

    The Third Reich

    Michael Burleigh

  12. Book cover for The Isles

    The Isles

    Norman Davies

  13. Book cover for Balzac


    Graham Robb

  14. Book cover for Victor Hugo

    Victor Hugo

    Graham Robb

  15. Book cover for Albert Speer: His Battle With Truth

    Albert Speer: His Battle With Truth

    Gitta Sereny

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