Book cover for The Green Sketching Handbook

The Green Sketching Handbook



14 April 2022
200 pages
Imprint: One Boat


The health of our planet and the people that depend upon it are being run down because of our collective blindness toward nature. Re-engaging and connecting people with the natural world is a vital prerequisite for a secure future, and this lovely little book provides one wonderful gateway to that.
A warm and inspiring invitation to put down our phones, pick up a pencil and start really looking at the beauty all around us.
A joyful, beautifully illustrated and thought-provoking book. Use it to sketch more, reconnect with nature and spread the word.
Ali Foxon’s The Green Sketching Handbook helps you make that great leap from the sofa and screen to the outdoors... benefiting your brain and your wellbeing. Powered completely by fresh air, pencils and paper, The Green Sketching Handbook bypasses your keyboard completely. No screens needed.