Whale Day

Billy Collins

30 September 2021
144 pages


Funny but serious, accessible but rich in meaning, consistently surprising the world looks slightly different after reading a Billy Collins poem. He’s a one-off, an American treasureNick Laird

These are poems of whimsy and imaginative acrobatics, but they are grounded in the familiar, common things of everyday experience. Collins takes us for a walk with an impossibly ancient dog, discovers the proper way to eat a banana, meets an Irish spider, and invites us to his own funeral. Facing both the wonders of being alive and the thrill of mortality, these new poems can only solidify Collins’s reputation as one of America’s most durable and interesting poets.

A new collection from Billy Collins, former U.S. Poet Laureate and 'America’s favorite poet'
A writer . . . fully aware of his work’s power to delight
A poet of plentitude, irony, and Augustan grace