Out on 23 November 2023

The Ball at Versailles

Danielle Steel

23 November 2023
384 pages


A special invitation. A night to remember . . .

The Ball at Versailles is a sparkling, captivating tale of four young women and one life-changing night, from the billion copy bestselling author, Danielle Steel.

An invitation to the most glamorous social event of 1958, the Ball at Versailles, was the stuff of dreams for many young women looking to ‘marry well’. Amelia, Caroline, Samantha and Felicity all see the ball as an outdated tradition, but agree to fly to Paris to please their excited parents.

Amelia Alexander is the daughter of a hardworking, single mother who sacrifices everything to ensure that Amelia can take every opportunity for a better life. Their livelihood is put at risk when Jane loses her job at a time when men receive preferential treatment.

Caroline Taylor’s parents are well-known Hollywood actors, away on set for much of the time, leaving Caroline to pursue a passionate affair with an up and coming movie star ten years her senior. But does he love her, or is his interest because of her father?

Nuclear physics student, Felicity Smith, is accustomed to being regarded as different. Intellectual and uninterested in fashion and socializing, she’s the opposite of her glamorous, somewhat empty-headed sister, Araminta, who takes great delight in undermining her in every way.

And Samantha Walker is the beloved, over-protected daughter of a wealthy businessman, who lost his wife and son in a tragic accident in which Sam was badly injured. He knows he must let her spread her wings, and gain confidence and independence. But he cannot risk losing her.

What neither the girls, nor their parents, could ever have imagined is how this one spectacular event would change their lives forever. It was not just a time of change, it was a time for growing up . . .