Out on 11 May 2023

The Wedding Planner

Danielle Steel

11 May 2023
336 pages


A day to remember . . .

Faith Ferguson is one of New York’s most sought after wedding planners. Realizing dreams and making magic happen are part of why Faith loves her job. But weddings are not always champagne and roses, and this particular year sees challenges both professionally and personally that even she questions.

The Alberts’ show-stopper event for hundreds on an estate in the Hamptons with orchid swans, a firework extravaganza and added family strife does not come without its problems. And Morgan and Alex’s chic, tasteful and joyful celebration in a handsome New York townhouse runs like clockwork until a last minute addition to the guest list threatens to derail it. While a stiff, formal reception at a city club with a groom who cares more for his colleagues than his bride-to-be sends warning signals to Faith.

Faith, herself, has come close to marriage twice with disastrous consequences. She loves making magic happen for others, but believes it’s not for her. But the saying ‘Never say never’ is true, and you know when it’s time to say ‘I do’.