Now May You Weep

Deborah Crombie

02 January 2014
464 pages


When Detective Inspector Gemma James is persuaded by her friend, Hazel, to take a trip to the misty Scottish Highlands, she jumps at the chance. But upon their arrival it becomes clear that Hazel has been concealing a dangerous secret.

At their remote B&B the pair encounter Donald Brodie, the owner of a local distillery . . . and Hazel’s former lover. Their relationship had ended abruptly years before. Now Donald is convinced he can win Hazel back.

But the lovers' reunion yields shocking - and mortal - consequences. Gemma soon discovers that, in this tight-knit community, there is no shortage of murder suspects. And beneath the hospitable surface, there lurks a hundred years of bitter family rivalry waiting to emerge . . .

‘As rich and history laden as a tartan plaid . . . this is a pure gem’ Publishers Weekly (starred review)