Other Women

Emma Flint

23 February 2023
368 pages



'A pitch-perfect historical mystery' – The Guardian
'Bloody brilliant' – Dinah Jeffries
'This is a book that will stay with you' – Ann Cleeves, bestselling author of the Vera series
'Compelling, twisty, and wonderfully suspenseful' – Claire Fuller, author of Unsettled Ground

It is 1923 and a country is in mourning. Thousands of husbands, fathers, sons and sweethearts were lost in the war, millions more returned home wounded and forever changed.

Beatrice Cade is an orphan, unmarried and childless. London is full of invisible women who struggle to find somewhere to work through their grief. But Bea is determined to make a new life for herself. She takes a room in a Bloomsbury ladies’ club and a job in the City. Just when her new world is taking shape, a fleeting encounter threatens to ruin everything.

Kate Ryan is an ordinary wife and mother. Following the end of the war, she has managed to build an enviable life with her husband and young daughter. To anyone looking in from the outside, they seem like a normal, happy family. But when two policemen knock on her door one morning and threaten to destroy the facade Kate has created, she knows what she has to do to protect the people she loves. And suddenly, two women who never should have met are connected for ever . . .

Mesmerising, haunting and utterly remarkable, this is a devastating story of fantasy, obsession inspired by a murder that took place almost a hundred years ago.

'Exquisite' - Will Dean, author of Dark Pines
'A thoroughly captivating and unsettling page-turner' iNews

The tension grows throughout the book until it's almost unbearable. This is a book that will stay with you.
It’s been six years since Flint’s debut novel, the compelling Little Deaths, but Other Women is certainly worth the wait. Like its predecessor, this beautifully written, pitch-perfect historical mystery is based on a real case – here, a murder that took place in 1924 . . . a moving study of loneliness, desperation, shame and public prurience.
Exquisite and my book of the year. Utterly brilliant.