Escape Room Puzzles: Dinosaur Island


Ages 7 to 9
03 March 2022
64 pages


Are you smart enough to help Zane, Kiran, Ethan and Cassia escape from Dinosaur Island in this fast-moving puzzle adventure?

Escape Room Puzzles: Dinosaur Island is packed with all kinds of puzzles, including fiendish mazes, cunning logic problems, tricky memory challenges and much more. To escape from Dinosaur Island, you will need every ounce of brainpower to progress through the challenges, navigating through five locations to the final exit - and watch out for dangerous kid-eating dinosaurs as you go! Throughout the book, nuggets of non-fiction dino information are scattered on the pages. This is the perfect book to entertain readers aged 7+ both at home and on the go, while giving their brains a workout at the same time.

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