A Glove Shop in Vienna and Other Stories

Eva Ibbotson

Ages 12+
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15 October 2020
256 pages

Curl up with a collection of romantic short stories taking you from nineteenth-century Vienna, over the wild moors of Northumberland to the snowy streets of pre-revolutionary St Petersberg.

A collection of eighteen romantic short stories from the award-winning and much-loved Eva Ibbotson, A Glove Shop in Vienna will show you the great passions and astute observations of everyday life. Join Great-Uncle Max, torn between his grand and secret love for Susie, the enchanting glove shop assistant, and the devotion of his opera-singing wife. Meet Miss Bennett, drama mistress at the fading Markham Street Primary School, whose search for a baby Jesus for the nativity play yields unexpected and miraculous results. And agonise with Kira, a dancer in Russia's Imperial Ballet school, thrown out onto the streets of St. Petersburg, and found by Edwin, a lonely dreamer.

A chocolate-box collection of deliciously romantic, atmospheric and witty stories to lose yourself in this Christmas.

'Eva Ibbotson is such a good writer that her characters break the bonds of the romantic novel' Washington Post

Eva Ibbotson is such a good writer that her characters break the bonds of the romantic novel.

Washington Post Book Review

This lovely collection of short stories are typical of Ibbotson’s novels. They’re full of giddy romance, soul-stirring description of Old Vienna, handsome and intriguing men and girls who have a lot of feelings. Absolute bliss in other words!

Sarra Manning, Red online