Book cover for A Glove Shop in Vienna and Other Stories

A Glove Shop in Vienna and Other Stories

Ages 12 to 16



15 October 2020
256 pages
Imprint: Macmillan


Eva Ibbotson is such a good writer that her characters break the bonds of the romantic novel.
Discovering Eva Ibbotson’s books is one of the nicest things that’s ever happened to me. The most beautiful, delicious, wry read
This lovely collection of short stories are typical of Ibbotson’s novels. They’re full of giddy romance, soul-stirring description of Old Vienna, handsome and intriguing men and girls who have a lot of feelings. Absolute bliss in other words!
The late Ibbotson's words live on in this atmospheric collection of wintery short stories. Lonely dreamers, ballerinas and a Christmas angel.