Book cover for A Song for Summer

A Song for Summer

Age 12 +



04 September 2008
448 pages
Imprint: Macmillan


Ibbotson, as always, manages to transport the reader, if not to a fantasy world, at least to a world full of enchantment, where it seems anything could happen. Her portrayal of all the characters, protagonists and antagonists alike, is fantastically unconventional, and throughout the book, her scene setting is truly perfect . . . Ibbotson is evidently a master at knowing just how much description to put into a scene, and this is what makes the book so special.
Eva Ibbotson is so clever at capturing moments in history and weaving a story around them and her characters too are so real you feel you can reach out and touch them. Here in A Song for Summer is absolutely no exception.
Beautiful and perplexing, the book is an absolute masterpiece, that’s mystery and flawless description ignites the imagination
A deliciously old-fashioned story, which encompasses love, adventure and a host of memorable characters.