Out on 18 December 2025


Fernando Alonso

18 December 2025
528 pages


Fernando Alonso is one of the best drivers to ever drive in Formula One; a double World Championship winner, he is admired and loved by millions. Here he tells his incredible journey to motorsport superstardom for the first time.

Fernando Alonso: Two-time Formula 1 world champion. Three-time Formula 1 runner-up. World Endurance Champion. Winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona. Participant in the Dakar Rally, the most prestigious of its kind in the world. The youngest racer to achieve pole position and a Grand Prix win. A fighter whose life is a tale of constant overcoming, a succession of challenges that demanded a steady hand behind the wheel.

But what is the man like behind this consummate driver, this absolute master of speed, champion of endurance trials and rallies? Who is the real Fernando Alonso? Written amid asphalt, dunes, obstacles, and ever-higher goals, Fernando’s first and only autobiography, Racer, is a journey through reflections on his life, his world, his dreams, and everything that really matters to him in ways he never has before.

At its heart this is a story about a young boy from Spain who lit up the go-kart circuits precociously and worked hard all his life to become a champion like none other. A career that spans racing against Schumacher to Hamilton, a life on the track like no other, this is the ultimate F1 autobiography by the ultimate F1 racer.

Alonso is one of the best drivers on the grid, possibly the best, and definitely the one who has the greatest mental strength. If there’s the slightest chance, he’s going to win, something that not everyone can do
I don’t think Fernando won as much as his talent deserved. Those who have missed him most are his rivals. The best know what it means to face someone who’s in their own league
Fernando is an exemplary teammate for the other drivers and a benchmark for the engineers. His driving is of the highest level and he is very consistent