Hope Not Fear

Hassan Akkad

30 March 2023
304 pages


'An extraordinary story that deals with the urgent issues of our era . . . a story about resilience, renewal' - Elif Shafak

A stunning testament to human strength, courage and compassion, Hope Not Fear shows that nobody is powerless to change the world. This memoir from refugee, filmmaker, and activist Hassan Akkad traces his campaigns for justice, from protesting the Assad regime in Syria to winning greater rights for cleaners in the NHS.

Since seeking asylum in the UK, Hassan’s unshakeable instinct to raise awareness, help and connect, has seen him share not only his experience as a refugee, but to the coronavirus pandemic as a covid ward cleaner and documentary filmmaker. As a witness and advocate, he bridges national and political divides; his humanity, sense of service and ideals bring people together.

If you find yourself wondering where to find hope in difficult times, this book is the place to start.

'Remarkable' - The Observer

'A journey of hope and connection . . . this will do much to restore your faith.' - Stylist

A journey of hope and connection, of finding humanity in unlikely places and building something for the future. If you’re feeling bleak about the way things are going – this will do much to restore your faith.

Hope Not Fear is an extraordinary story that deals with the urgent issues of our era....But it is also a story about resilience, renewal and humanism.