Veggie BBQ

Joe Wicks

13 June 2019
100 pages


Ten tasty veggie recipes, perfect for summer

I’m made up by the way you’ve taken Veggie Lean in 15 to your hearts this year, so to celebrate the start of summer I’ve pulled together an eBook of ten banging veggie recipes, perfect for the barbecue season. I’ve got to say, I used to think that barbecues were only for burgers and sausages, but I’ve loved coming up with these veggie and vegan recipes, most of which are ready in less than 15 minutes – and they taste unreal. I’ve got Charred Tomato and Chipotle Halloumi Tacos, a Soy-glazed Portobello Mushroom Burger, incredible Sticky Harissa Aubergine Steaks and so much more.

Let’s have a great veggie summer!
Lots of love, Joe

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