Out on 21 November 2024

Our Deadly Designs

Kalyn Josephson

Age 14 +
21 November 2024
432 pages


A cut-throat race to the throne, deadly magic and swoonworthy romances. Return to the corrupt world of Veradell in Our Deadly Designs by Kayln Josephson, the spellbinding fantasy follow up to This Dark Descent.
The Illinir may be over, but the race for Enderlain’s future has just begun. The hunt for the old king’s lost heir is on, and the first to find them will win the throne.Mikira has allied herself with the rebels in pursuit of the lost heir, but the deeper her search takes her, the closer she gets to the royal family's wicked past.

Ari is struggling to control her own growing power as she grapples with a dark secret that may be her undoing.

Damien joins the race to find the heir and secure the crown, but as his influence at court grows, so does his paranoia and hunger for power.

Reid is trying his best to stay true to the friend who's always had his loyalty — and the flame who has his heart — while trapped in a web of chaos and lies.
But a darker force is festering in Enderlain’s underbelly, and Mikira, Ari, Damien, and Reid will need to find a way back to each other — and themselves — before the kingdom is torn apart. Hearts will be broken and new bonds will be forged in this explosive finale to This Dark Descent, where spellbinding fantasy meets Jewish mythology in a cut-throat race for the throne — and Enderlain’s survival.