Released on 18 June 2015.

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The Not-Dead and The Saved and Other Stories

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2016 Short-listed

Edge Hill Short Story Prize


In the sixteen stories of The Not-Dead and The Saved, Kate Clanchy turns her clear gaze and remarkable honesty on what it means to be a mother or a child; to struggle alone; to seek comfort in love; to be present; to be sane.

Lithe prose and crackling wit carry us from comedy to tragedy and back again, and create a bold cast of characters that includes even a few delightfully famous names.

The much-lauded title story won the BBC National Short Story Award in 2009, and the collection as a whole more than delivers on that promise. It celebrates Kate Clanchy's gift for clarity, empathy and surprise, and confirms her as one of the finest writers of our time.

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The real joy is the startling images that pop off the page like firecrackers.
Sunday Express
Clanchy started her career as a poet, and her stories, not surprisingly, are as compressed as verse, without a word to spare . . . A feat of voice and structure, breathtaking in its poignancy . . . Clanchy's tales possess a raw, unsettled urgency, as if she were gripping the reader by the collar. These are not, it should be noted, stories for the faint of heart. They are literary hand grenades, raising difficult questions about the world in which we live - which is exactly what we need right now.
Subtle, sensitive, keenly observed.
Independent on Sunday