Out on 12 October 2023

When Ghosts Call Us Home

Katya de Becerra

Ages 12+
12 October 2023
368 pages


Never, ever look directly into the eyes of a ghost. Because once you see it, once you see her, once you acknowledge her impossible existence, you can never un-see it. And that's how she gets you.

When Sophia Galich was twelve, she starred in her older sister Layla’s amateur horror movie Vermillion, which recorded raw footage of her very real reactions to scenes her sister concocted in their old Californian house on the coast – Cashore House.

In the years after the film’s release, Sophia’s memories of the now-infamous house fueled her nightmares. Vermillion amassed an army of fanatical fans who speculated about the film’s hidden messages, and it was rumored that Layla made a pact with the devil – her soul in exchange for fame and arcane knowledge. Sophia dismissed this as gossip . . . until Layla disappeared.

Now, Sophia must study the trail of clues Layla has left behind, returning to the very place where it all began. As she gets closer and closer to Cashore House’s haunted heart, she must once again confront the ghosts of her childhood. But the house won’t reveal its secrets without a fight.

When Ghosts Call Us Home is a spine-tingling chiller from horror writer Katya De Becerra.

Haunting and hypnotic, When Ghosts Call Us Home gave me goosebumps! Perfect for fans of Night Film and Rules for Vanishing, the mysteries of Cashore House will grab you by the throat and refuse to let go.
Equal parts chilling and clever, this Gothic page-turner will haunt you long after you’ve finished wandering the shadowed halls of the mysterious Cashore House.
Fans of the Haunting of Hill House will want to plan a trip to Cashore. The pages almost turn themselves in this one. Come for the chills, stay for de Becerra’s gorgeous prose.