The Mediator: Love You to Death and High Stakes

Meg Cabot

Age 12 +
07 May 2010
416 pages


The Mediator: Love You to Death and High Stakes is a bind up of the first two books in Meg Cabot's sensational The Mediator series.

Meet Susannah Simon: she's a typical teenage girl, who just happens to be a ghost-hunter . . . oh, and she's also dead-over-heels for Jesse - the sexiest spook ever! But can this girl get her ghost?

In Love You to Death Suze arrives in California and has barely unpacked when her mediator skills are put to the test. A vicious spirit in her new school is hell-bent on making her life a complete nightmare, but Suze is more than ready to kick some serious ghost butt if she has to.

In High Stakes Suze's new life is looking up - cool friends, pool parties and getting to know Jesse (swoon), but then a desperate spirit asks for her help. Suddenly she's on the trail of a creepy local businessman, who just might be a vampire. Life just got dead complicated. Again.

Look out for other The Mediator bind-ups, Mean Spirits and Young Blood and Grave Doubts and Heaven Sent.