Young Blood

Meg Cabot

Age 16 +
21 August 2009
224 pages


Young Blood is the fourth book in Meg Cabot's haunting The Mediator series.

Suze should be spending the summer vacation at the beach. Instead she's been forced to get a babysitting job at a swanky resort. She'd expected to look after some boring brat, so Suze is surprised to find that her charge is actually a budding mediator – with a totally hot older brother.

Not that Suze's head could be turned by some guy – she's pledged her heart to Jesse, the most gorgeous ghost ever. But it's tough when the boy you love doesn't seem to love you back, and it's even tougher when you think you've found his 150-year-old grave in your backyard. Suze knows it's dangerous to dig up the past, but how can she focus on babysitting when she could be close to discovering who killed Jesse?

Other books in the series include Love You to Death, High Stakes, Mean Spirits, Grave Doubts and Heaven Sent.