Felicity - Stands By

Richmal Crompton

20 April 2017
188 pages


Felicity – Stands By is a delightful, charming set of short stories by Richmal Crompton, following the adventures (and misadventures) of a young woman, Miss Norma Felicity Montague Harborough.

Having finished school, Felicity returns to the family seat to live with her grandfather Sir Digby, sufferer of the infamous Harborough gout and the Harborough temper. Always well-meaning and often hapless, Felicity sets about to organize and matchmaker those around her: including rescuing her friend Sheila from the affections (and affectations) of local poet Marmaduke Eltham; joining travelling band ‘The Oranges’; and saving some rather important political papers from the clutches of a thief.

Her escapades are a series of witty, warm and entertaining vignettes, sure to enchant anyone who loved the bestselling Just William series.