Steffan Green

Richmal Crompton

27 August 2015
250 pages


When Lettice Helston's high-society marriage breaks down, leaving a hole in her life, she flees her London life for the comfort of her friend Dorrie. But an unexpected detour to the charming village of Steffan Green introduces her to new friends, some in dire need of her help, and uncovers a decades old scandal that could have disastrous consequences for present generations.

With the help of parson's wife and ex-suffragette, Mrs. Fanshaw, along with an ensemble of well-drawn and quirky characters, Lettice begins to find peace and consolation by immersing herself in her new country life. But is there someone else who can finally bring her happiness?

Steffan Green by Richmal Crompton is a delightful account of country living in the 1930s, full of honest, wry and humorous observations about social class, adversity and human nature.

Sensitive and intelligent, Miss Crompton's mind fills the crevices of the book with delightful details, small blossomings of human nature-the smaller the more perfect. She excels at the drawing of composite characters