There Are Four Seasons

Richmal Crompton

27 August 2015
298 pages


Even as a child all Vicky wants is love. She seeks it from her governess; she expects it from the lowly, loyal gardener, Andrew; but most of all, she is desperate for it from the one person who can't see beyond shadows of the past and open his heart to her - her father.

As Vicky grows up, her beauty blossoms, and when she meets vivacious artist, Philip - a passionate, fiery-haired man who crashes into her carefully ordered life - everything changes. Falling in love and being loved in return fills a hole in Vicky she wasn't even aware she had.

But it's the start of the twentieth century and times are changing. Not even Vicky can control the developments of the age. Yet, as the seasons come round with comforting regularity, so too do the familiar patterns of human life in Richmal Crompton's There Are Four Seasons.

Here is a pleasant, leisured and fully detailed chronicle of a woman's life . . . Miss Crompton's book is thoroughly competent and entertaining, a good picture of more stable times than these.