The Holiday

Richmal Crompton

27 August 2015
226 pages


Summer has arrived and the Cotteril children are looking forward to the Holiday.

For Thea, Susan, Peter and Jane it's always a special time of year, as they escape their lives in the suburbs and visit the delights of the countryside with their mother and father.

All sorts of exciting adventures await them as they explore unfamiliar surroundings and meet a collection of fascinating new neighbours. For Peter and Jane the magic of the Holiday is as alive as ever and they delight in discovery: exploring inside gardens, visiting a new sweet shop and finding plenty of places to play hide and seek.

But for Thea and Susan, the two eldest, their experience of the Holiday starts to change. As they begin to move into the dizzyingly complicated sphere of the Grown-Ups, Richmal Crompton's The Holiday becomes a journey of discovery into what it is to be an adult . . .

The interplay of character and the momentary revelation of other people's lives, accompanied by the young fluting of the children and their natural and amusing adventures, makes this novel the pleasantest possible light volume for holiday reading
Her sympathies have a most exceptional sensitiveness and integrity . . . it contains much of charm and interest . . . compel the reader's admiration and affection