Little Victims

Robert Barnard

20 December 2012
186 pages


The Burleigh school was dying. It would be called a mercy killing were it not for the little band of inept, eccentric, or otherwise unemployable teachers who depended on this absolutely awful English boys’ academy for their meagre livelihoods. A lack of funds, facilities, and foresight had brought Burleigh to the very edge of extinction. Now someone planned to give it one final, deadly push.

Malice was afoot behind the ivied walls, trailing hard on the heels of Hilary Frome, Headmaster Crumwallis’s unfortunate choice for the next headboy. For when something sinister popped up in the punch on Parents’ Evening, when nasty pranks became no joke, the next event at bloody Burleigh was bound to be . . . simply murder.

‘Crackerjack entertainment . . . deserves the kind of raves heaped up on his other prize whodunits.’ Publishers Weekly

‘There is no one quite like Robert Barnard in his ability to combine chills and chuckles and to sprinkle the whole with delicious irony.’ San Diego Union

‘The wryest wit and most scathing satire in today’s mystery.’ Chicago Sun-Times