No Place of Safety

Robert Barnard

06 December 2012
194 pages


The disappearance from school of two apparently unconnected teenagers worries DC Charlie Peace, until he discovers that they are both working at a hostel for homeless street kids. Peace knows the life and crimes of the people these two are trying to help, and decides that, for the moment, they are safe.

But will Peace have cause to regret his decision? After all, just who is the man running the hostel? And how nasty is the local opposition to the place likely to become? As the pair continue their good work, the situation at the hostel becomes even more fraught with the appearance of an Asian girl fleeing an arranged marriage. And it isn’t long before a murderous attack seems about to put an end to the whole project.

‘Nicely drawn characters’ Irish Times

‘Very appealing. . .sensitively written’ Evening Standard

‘He plots a mystery as well as any writer alive’ Time Magazine