The Bad Samaritan

Robert Barnard

06 December 2012
202 pages


Rosemary Sheffield has a sort of "reverse epiphany" one day while walking in the park: she no longer believes in God. This sudden loss of faith is at first entirely liberating, but the situation gradually becomes more complicated. Rosemary is, after all, the beloved wife of the vicar at St. Saviour's parish.

A storm of controversy erupts in her husband's church congregation, but Rosemary, with the words "I do not believe," leaves behind the scandal and gossip for a seaside sojourn in Scarborough. Here she meets Stanko, a Bosnian refugee who illegally entered the country. But what begins as a supportive friendship launches an ungodly chain of events—and Rosemary soon finds herself back at home caught up in a murder investigation.

"Barnard's trademark seamless plotting and riotous sense of humor stand out wonderfully in his latest whodunit." Booklist

"His plots are downright Mozartian in their effortless complexity" New York Newsday