Manner of Death

Robin Cook

07 December 2023
352 pages


In this new fast-paced medical mystery-thriller from The New York Times bestselling author Robin Cook, fan favorites Jack and Laurie must determine the Manner of Death after a pathology resident's suspicious suicide.

Reeling from a devastating encounter that nearly ended his life, Jack Stapleton is still in recovery - leaving his wife Laurie Montgomery, New York’s chief medical examiner, to manage a difficult situation at home and an even tougher one at work.

When a young man appears on the medical examiner’s table, an apparent death by suicide, Laurie is compelled to try and understand what happened. The autopsy reveals the disturbing possibility that foul play was involved, and provides many more questions than answers.

Ignoring her own professional rules, Laurie personally investigates who might want the man dead and why. So begins a descent into a dangerous world filled with ruthless individuals who will do anything to protect their business interests, and that might just cost Laurie her life . . .

Forensic pathologists and doctors-turned-detectives do battle against epidemics, lethal illness and drug-related deaths, the causes of which are far from natural . . . You’ll find yourself completely hooked
Robin Cook virtually invented the medical thriller in the 1970s with Coma
Likeable heroes, a compelling medical mystery and growing suspense – the result is a highly entertaining read. Commercial fiction, at its best, is pure entertainment. But Cook, like Michael Crichton, offers readers a smart dissection of contemporary issues that affect us all