Sarah May

26 January 2023
432 pages


'Spiky, clever, funny' – Emma Stonex, author of The Lamplighters
'Brilliant, propulsive . . . A riot'– Maddie Mortimer, author of Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies
'A delicious gallop through 90s tabloid London' – Sam McAlister, author of Scoops

It’s peak 90s London. Shoulder pads are out, crimped hair is in, supermodels are known by their first names, and Becky Sharp will do anything to escape her past.

From mingling with tabloid millionaires to trading favours and fortunes with royalty, she will stop at nothing to reach the top of the career ladder at the Mercury newspaper. Landing scoop after scoop, Becky ruthlessly carves a place for herself in a society determined to ignore her. These are the biggest stories and scandals of the decade, and she has something to do with every one of them.

But Becky may have more in common with the people she writes about than she thinks – what takes a lifetime to build takes only a moment to destroy . . .

'A Vanity Fair for the mass-media age' - The Guardian

The luscious draw of the Nineties glitz, the scandal of the press, and the tangibly descriptive jeopardy throughout makes this a true page-turner
Addictive reading, [Becky's] darkness provid[es] welcome relief in these over-bright times
A keenly observed portrait of elite society which skewers snobbery, sexism and celebrity culture . . . A page-turning blockbuster which pulls off its bold premise with panache