Out on 28 May 2020

The Last Trial

Scott Turow

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28 May 2020
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From the bestselling author of Presumed Innocent, Scott Turow’s The Last Trial recounts the final case of Kindle County’s most revered courtroom advocate, Sandy Stern.

Despite having reached eighty-four, and in precarious health, Stern has been persuaded to defend an old friend, Pavel Pafko. A former Nobel Prize-winner in Medicine, Pafko, shockingly, has been charged in a federal racketeering indictment with fraud, insider trading and murder.

To defend Pavel, Stern must drill beneath Pafko’s charming veneer. There he discovers a sometimes unscrupulous scientist, a philandering husband – unfaithful even to his mistresses – and a callous father, who despite it all, may well be innocent of the crimes on which he is standing trial.

Lurking always for Stern is the question of how to measure a life . . .