The Law of Attraction

Susannah Nix

01 March 2024
320 pages


Adam Cortinas may be gorgeous, but he’s made it clear he can’t stand Olivia—and the feeling is one hundred percent mutual. Too bad, because these two coworkers are stuck with each other for the next week.
When their travel plans go horribly awry, Olivia finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere with Adam, AKA the bane of her existence.

He’s in her space and in her head. All the forced proximity is driving Olivia insane. That’s the only explanation for these FEELINGS she’s suddenly having.

But it doesn’t change anything. They still hate each other.

An #enemiestolovers Stem Rom Com, book four in the Chemistry Lessons Series, originally published as Applied Electro Magnetism. Each book in the series features a brand new couple with their own HEA and can be read in any order.

Combative coworkers on the road trip from hell: one smart, sassy heroine plus one yummy, cantankerous hero multiplied by plenty of misconceptions. Susannah Nix nails the perfect blend of hilarity and sexual tension. I loved it!
Delivers it all - tension, laughs, tears, and characters you connect with completely. You NEED to read this one!
I really enjoyed this enemies to lovers workplace romance. Through it all these two found common ground, made me laugh and found their happily ever after. Perfect summertime reading!