Winston Graham

07 November 2013
440 pages


From the author of Poldark, the bestselling book and hit television series.

Brook Ferguson is compelled into marriage by his domineering father after being widowed in mysterious circumstances . . .

His new bride Cordelia is beautiful and strong-willed - but after moving into the Ferguson family household, filled with eccentric family members, she starts to feel locked in a quiet war of dominance with Brook’s father. The stifling atmosphere, petty arguments and rising tensions push Cordelia to make the hardest decision of all, loyalty or love?

Set against a backdrop of a Victorian Manchester manor house, Cordelia is a passionate Gothic romance from Winston Graham.

Cordelia has the virtues of readability, of convincing motive and emotion and of vivid background . . . all the excellent Victorian ingredients – guilty love, surrender, pathos and comedy. It is enthralling from start to finish, a beguiling journey backwards in time.
From the incomparable Winston Graham . . . who has everything that anyone else has, then a whole lot more