The Forgotten Story

Winston Graham

07 November 2013
256 pages


In December, 1898, a boat is wrecked on the Cornish coast near Falmouth. This is "the forgotten story" of some of the people who came unexpectedly to be passengers in the ship on her last voyage, of their loved ones and enemies, and of how a young boy is drawn irrevocably into the centre of a gripping drama.

The Forgotten Story is a wonderful historical novel by Winston Graham depicting Cornwall and its people with all the vivid details of his famous Poldark trilogy, but also drawing on the brilliant execution of his many thrillers and suspense novels in a gripping tale of murder, deceit and lost love.

Mr. Graham's characterisation is always convincing and the backgrounds effective
A discreet drama of a crime with a pleasant peripheral romance
One can safely rely on Mr. Graham. He is one of the few authors who bring a nice subtle touch into the treatment of plot and characters