Dinostars Activity Sheets

Print and colour in these fun Dinostars activity sheets.

1 minutes to read

Dinosaurs aren't extinct. They're living in another galaxy . . .

Colour in your very own Captain T-rex mask!

The team need their colour back! Can you help by colouring them in? 

Dinostars and the Planet Plundering Pirates

by Ben Mantle

Book cover for 9781509813162

When planets start vanishing from the Dinostar galaxy, it doesn't take long for Captain T-Rex and his team to find out who's taking them - Space Pirates! If the Dinostars are going to get their planets back, they'll need a clever plan . . . and a very tasty doughnut. With fun space facts plus a removable pop-up Dinostar and character cards in each book.

Dinostars and the Cackling Cave Creature

by Ben Mantle

Book cover for 9781509813186

The Dinostars discover a new planet where everything is mysteriously quiet. But why did everybody leave? When Captain T-Rex and his team come across a cute little cave creature they might be about to find out. . .