It is never too soon to start reading to your baby and it is such a pleasure. If you’re looking for the perfect first books for your baby, we suggest our My First Peekabook range, Hello You, and Little Friends


With high contrast pictures to help babies focus, peep-through holes to play peekaboo, a mirror, and fold-out pages for 'tummy time' these first board books are designed to stimulate babies as they develop and grow during their first year. 


Your baby won’t understand all the words but they will: 
•    Respond to the voice of someone who loves them 
•    Love the closeness of being on your knee and sharing time together 
•    Quickly start to look and to listen 
•    Know that reading time is fun 
•    Soon want to join in


It is important to share and talk about books with babies and toddlers, as it is a key step in their journey to becoming readers. Hearing new words also develops vocabulary skills and looking at books with very young children contributes more than anything else to success at school. 

Why not have fun together discovering books and stories with your child – reading time can be bonding time, warm and fun, and a great opportunity for a cuddle!