we’re celebrating three of the world’s greatest writers this month with beautiful new editions of classics by william shakespeare, sir arthur conan doyle and rudyard kipling.

today we’re publishing twelve of our bestselling shakespeare plays in individual volumes with stunning new jackets. each edition has its own especially commissioned introduction and also includes fine illustrations by famous 19th century artist sir john gilbert.

from the comedies we have twelfth night, the merchant of venice, a midsummer night’s dream and the taming of the shrew

we have the tragedies: othello, macbeth, king lear, julius caesar, romeo and juliet and hamlet
and from the history plays we have king richard iii and king henry v, and we also have an enchanting volume of shakespeare’s sonnets.     

sir arthur conan doyle is a great favourite here at macmillan collector’s library so we’re excited to be publishing nine new editions this month, all featuring the original super sleuth, sherlock holmes. we love him in films and on television (especially with benedict cumberbatch) but nothing beats reading the original novels and short stories. new this month:

a study in scarlet & the sign of the four (1887 & 1890) – the two novels, brought together in this edition, where the legend of holmes and watson first began.

the adventures of sherlock holmes (1892) – the first volume of holmes tales, and perhaps the most influential collection of detective stories ever written.

the memoirs of sherlock holmes (1894) – the second volume of short stories to be published, this collection includes the first appearance of holmes’ brother, mycroft.

the hound of the baskervilles and the valley of fear (1902 & 1915) – conan doyle’s most famous novel side-by-side with, arguably, his most skilfully written book.

the return of sherlock holmes & his last bow (1917) – three years after his supposed death at the reichenbach falls, sherlock holmes returns to 221b baker street, to the astonishment of dr watson.

the case-book of sherlock holmes (1927) – conan doyle’s final twelve stories about his great fictional detective.

sherlock holmes: the dark mysteries - a collection, exclusive to macmillan collector’s library, of the stories that best reflect arthur conan doyle’s deep interest in the supernatural.

the best of sherlock holmes – an exclusive collection that showcases holmes at his finest.

this year saw the disney remake of the jungle book bringing this magical story to a new generation of children – not to mention all of us who can still remember all the words to the songs of the original film! 
but it was rudyard kipling who invented the story of mowgli the human boy, raised by animals, and this month we’re publishing:

the jungle book with original illustrations by rudyard kipling’s father, j lockwood kipling, and featuring all his most beloved characters – baloo, bagheera, kaa, king louie, and the rest.

just so stories, a collection of twelve magical stories for children including “how the camel got his hump and “how the leopard got his spots”.

kim – considered to be kipling’s literary masterpiece, kim is many things – a coming of age novel, a thrilling adventure, a subtle spy story – all set against the vivid landscapes of 19th century india.