Who are the Maji? A guide to the ten clans of Orïsha

Read our guide to the magical clans of Orïsha, which feature in Tomi Adeyemi's smash hit Legacy of Orïsha series.

Set in the mythical African kingdom of Orïsha, Tomi Adeyemi's Legacy of Orisha series has the rare and sacred magic of the Maji at its heart. Tomi's smash hit debut novel, Children of Blood and Bone, introduced us to the Maji and the clans of Orïsha, and Children of Virtue and Vengeance continues the adventure. But who are the Maji, and which magical skill does each of the clans of Orïsha possess? Find out about the tribes and their powers in this (spoiler-free) guide and find out your Maji with our quiz. 

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Who are the Maji?

The Maji are citizens of Orïsha who are born with the ability to summon magical powers and are easily distinguishable by their bright white hair. Each of the ten clans of Orïsha and their associated Maji can harness an element of the natural world, with their magical powers based on this element. Read on for a guide to each of the ten clans.

The Clans of Orïsha

Reaper- The Maji of Life and Death

Reaper Maji Legacy of Orisha

This Maji, which hails from the Ikú clan, can access and manipulate the spirits of the living and the dead.

Their associated deity is OYA.

Connector - The Maji of Mind, Spirit and Dreams

Connector Maji Legacy of Orisha

A Connector - from the Èèmí clan - can read minds and tap into the dreams and consciousness of others.

Their associated deity is Orí.

Tider - The Maji of Water

Tider Maji Legacy of Orisha

Tiders of the Omi Clan can manipulate water and ice, moving and shaping its natural form.
Their associated deity is Yemoja.

Burner - The Maji of Fire

Burner maji Legacy of Orisha

A Burner, the Maji of the Iná, can summon and control the element of fire.
Their associated deity is Sàngó.

Winder - The Maji of Air

Winder Maji Legacy of Orisha

Hailing from the Aféfé clan, Winders can control the air and change the course of the wind.
Their associated deity is Ayao.

Grounder and Welder - The Majis of Iron and Earth

Grounder and Welder Maji Legacy of Orisha

These connected Aiye clan Maji can manipulate the earth's natural resources. A Grounder can shape and change the land, and a Welder can bend and contort metals.
Their associated deity is Ògún.

Lighter - The Maji of Darkness and Light

Lighter Maji Legacy of Orisha

Lighters, the Maji of the Ìmólè clan, can summon darkness and invoke the light.
Their associated deity is Ochumare.

Cancer and Healer - The Maji of Health and Disease

Cancer and Healer Maji Legacy of Orisha

These Ìwòsàn clan's Maji can manipulate the health of the human body, the Cancer can inflict sickness or disease, and the Healer can provide healing.
Their associated deity is Babalúayé.

Seer - The Maji of Time

Seer Maji Legacy of Orisha

The Seer of the Aríran clan can summon memories from the past and see into the future.
Their associated deity is Orúnmila.

Tamer - The Maji of Animals

Tamer maji Legacy of Orisha

Tamers, the Maji of the Eranko clan, can control and transform animals.
Their associated deity is Oxosi.

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Children of Blood and Bone

by Tomi Adeyemi

Book cover for Children of Blood and Bone

Zélie remembers when Orisha was full of magic. When different clans ruled with unique powers, including her Reaper mother who could summon forth souls. 

But everything changed when the ruthless king had anyone with powers killed. Now only a few people still have the power to use magic, and they must stay hidden. Zélie is one of those people, but now she has the chance to bring magic back to her people and strike against the monarchy . . . 

Children of Virtue and Vengeance

by Tomi Adeyemi

Book cover for Children of Virtue and Vengeance

After the events of Children of Blood and Bone, has Zélie succeeded in bringing magic back to the land of Orïsha? And can she bring the kingdom together, or will it tear itself apart? 

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