Maeve Haran, author of The Time of Their Lives (out in June 2014), on why turning sixty-four isn't so bad.

To my horror, it was my 64th birthday the other day (I’m still 19 in my head!). My husband softened the blow by bringing me tea in bed and playing me The Beatles’ ‘When I’m 64’, followed by a wonderful selection of Sixties nostalgia from Woodstock festival (which features in a seminal scene in my new novel The Time Of Their Lives). We listened to ‘Marrakech Express’, ‘Born to Be Wild’, ‘Hotel California’, ‘White Rabbit’, ‘Big Yellow Taxi’, ‘If You’re Going to San Francisco’ and other wonderful anthems of peace ‘n’ love which reminded me it was worth being so ancient to have been born at such an amazing moment!

You can listen to all those songs here.