Quiz: Are you a grumpy or sunshine Valentine?

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Have you ever found yourself oscillating between a sunny disposition and grumpy groans? Let's take those outlooks on love for a spin and find out which character from When Grumpy Met Sunshine you're most alike! Take our interactive quiz to find out - are you embracing the world with Mabel's sunshine optimism, or does Alfie's grumpy realism ring true for you?

When Grumpy Met Sunshine

by Charlotte Stein

Book cover for When Grumpy Met Sunshine

When Grumpy Met Sunshine is a steamy, opposites-attract romance with undeniable chemistry between a grumpy retired footballer and his fabulous and very sunshine-y ghostwriter. For fans of Ted Lasso and Tessa Bailey.

Ex-footballer Alfie Harding, reluctant to reveal his past and emotions, gets pushed into selling his memoirs. Knowing he can't write them himself, in steps ghostwriter Mabel Willicker, skilled in bantering and bickering her way into extracting details from Alfie for his biography. When their professional partnership is misconstrued as romance, they play along to feed the public's hunger for a fairy-tale-like story. Now faced with the predicament, they must determine whether their faux relationship is a facade or a budding reality leading to their happy ending.