The biggest sports books of 2016

19 September 2016

By Pan Macmillan

Offering exclusive insight into the astonishing and inspiring journeys of some of our greatest sportsmen and women and encompassing everything from cricket to Formula One to long-distance swimming, these are this year's essential books for sports fans. 

Watching The Wheels
My Autobiography
Damon Hill
For the first time ever F1 legend Damon Hill tells the story of his journey through the last golden era of the sport when he took on the greats including Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher and emerged victorious as World Champion in 1996, stepping out of the shadow of his legendary father Graham Hill.
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A Different Kind of Daughter
The Girl Who Hid From the Taliban in Plain Sight
Maria Toorpakai
Maria Toorpakai Wazir has lived her life disguised as a boy, defying the Taliban, in order to pursue her love of sport. Heart-stopping and profoundly moving, Maria shares the story of her long road and eventual triumph, pursuing the sport she loved, defying death threats and following her dream.
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My Turn
The Autobiography
Johan Cruyff
Johan Cruyff is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in football history. My Turn is the full story of his unparalleled career and the philosophy that shaped not only his game but that of generations of footballers, managers and the fans who followed them.
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 AB de Villiers
The Autobiography
AB de Villiers
AB de Villiers is one of the finest batsmen ever to play cricket, and yet his achievement extends beyond his outrageous armoury of drives, pulls, paddles, scoops and flicks. This is the story of a modern sporting phenomenon, in his own words.
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 I Am Duran
The Autobiography of Roberto Duran
Roberto Duran
One of the greatest boxers of all time tells his unbelievable story From his stunning debut in New York to the glorious defeat of Sugar Ray Leonard, the world titles and the chaos that ensued after the No Mas encounter, Duran's explosive life in the ring was matched only by the volatility outside of it.
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The Games
A Global History of the Olympics
David Goldblatt

The Olympic Games have become the single greatest festival of a universal and cosmopolitan humanity. Seventeen days of sporting competition watched and followed on every continent and in every country on the planet. 

This is the definitive sporting, social and political history of the modern Olympic Games, the world that made them and the world they helped to shape.

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Find a Way

Diana Nyad 

In the 1970s, Diana Nyad was widely regarded as the greatest long-distance swimmer in the world but one record continually eluded her: becoming the first woman to swim between Cuba and the Florida Keys. Finally, after four failed attempts and at the age of sixty-four, Diana completed the crossing. This memoir shows her unwavering belief in the face of overwhelming odds. 

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 The Murder of Sonny Liston
A Story of Fame, Heroin, Boxing & Las Vegas
Shaun Assael
An in-depth examination into the murder of Heavyweight  Champion Sonny Liston. Assael takes a fresh look at Liston's complicated life, getting to the bottom of one of America's most enduring mysteries, while painting a stunning portrait of mob-run Las Vegas in the 1970s.
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 The Invisible Mile 
David Coventry
One for the cycling fans, The Invisible Mile tells the story of the first English-speaking team to ride in the Tour de France, way back in 1928. Although it’s a fictional version of real events, the wonderfully poetic descriptions of endurance and camaraderie will make you desperate to get out on two wheels.
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Eat Sweat Play
How Sport Can Change Our Lives 
Anna Kessel

Why is sport consistently defined as male territory? Why are there still so many obstacles for girls and women when it comes to sport? In this part manifesto, part how-to, Anna Kessel issues an inspiring call to arms for women to take back sport for themselves.
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Aussie Grit
My Formula One Journey
Mark Webber
In his trademark straight-talking, no-nonsense style Mark Webber reveals his amazing life on and off the Formula One racetrack, including a searingly honest account of his rivalry with team mate Sebastian Vettel.
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 Selection Day
Aravind Adiga
Not only one of the one of the finest novels written about cricket in recent times but an engrossing and nuanced coming-of-age-novel from the Man Booker Prize winning author of The White Tiger. A story of adolescence, ambition and self-realization, of fathers and sons, set in contemporary Bombay.
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