News: j. a. reynolds' The Opposite of Always is coming to your shelves

We're thrilled to tell you that we'll be publishing Opposite of Always by j. a. reynolds in Spring 2019.

It's time for one of our very favourite kinds of blog posts - an announcement post! We're thrilled to tell you that we'll be publishing Opposite of Always by j. a. reynolds in Spring 2019 - a stunning and special YA novel that you guys are going to love.

Rachel Petty, Editorial Director for 6+ at Macmillan Children’s Books, has acquired a beautifully written YA love story described as Groundhog Day meets The Fault in Their StarsThe Opposite of Always, by j. a. reynolds was won at a highly contested auction, with the two book deal made by Gemma Cooper on behalf of Beth Phelan at the Bent Agency. To date this astonishing novel has been sold in ten different territories. It will be published in the UK in spring 2019, simultaneously with Harper US in the USA.

It tells the story of Jack and Kate, who are cruelly ripped apart just six months after falling in love, when Kate dies of a rare disease. Shortly after her death a devastated Jack finds himself dragged back in time to the moment he met her. In his confusion, he decides to make the most of fresh chances, and he goes on repeating those same six months, working out which set of decisions, if any, will make the difference.

He can remember everything about her - but she remembers nothing about him.

Rachel Petty said: “This book really captured my heart - it has so many of my favourite YA ingredients and I’m very excited to have it on the Macmillan Children’s Books list.”

j.a reynolds added that “It is truly an honor to be a part of the U.K. Macmillan family, and to join their rich literary tradition.  I'm beyond excited to work with Rachel and the entire Macmillan team, who from the beginning possessed a keen understanding of my work, but also a deep fondness for some of my favorite themes: friendship, family, and unbreakable love (with a healthy dose of time-travel!). I’m thrilled!”

j.a. reynolds has a B.A. in English from Cleveland State and is a registered nurse specializing in hematology (including sickle cell patients), oncology, and orthopedics. 

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Opposite of Always

by Justin A. Reynolds

From debut author justin a. reynolds comes The Opposite of Always, a razor-sharp, hilarious and heartfelt novel about the choices we make, the people we choose and the moments that make life worth reliving. Perfect for fans of Nicola Yoon and John Green.