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Acclaimed works from prize-winning Picador authors, including Edward St Aubyn and Alan Hollinghurst. From must-read literary sensations like A Little Life to timeless classics like Plainsong, these are books that challenge conventions, spark debates and feed imaginations.

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  1. Book cover for Kololo Hill

    Kololo Hill

    Neema Shah

  2. Book cover for Room


    Emma Donoghue

  3. Book cover for American Psycho

    American Psycho

    Bret Easton Ellis

  4. Book cover for The Line of Beauty

    The Line of Beauty

    Alan Hollinghurst

  5. Book cover for White Noise

    White Noise

    Don DeLillo

  6. Book cover for A Manual for Cleaning Women

    A Manual for Cleaning Women

    Lucia Berlin

  7. Book cover for Station Eleven

    Station Eleven

    Emily St. John Mandel

  8. Book cover for Middle Passage

    Middle Passage

    Charles Johnson

  9. Book cover for A House for Mr Biswas

    A House for Mr Biswas

    V. S. Naipaul

  10. Book cover for Blood Meridian

    Blood Meridian

    Cormac McCarthy

  11. Book cover for Sixteen Horses

    Sixteen Horses

    Greg Buchanan

  12. Book cover for Of Women and Salt

    Of Women and Salt

    Gabriela Garcia

  13. Book cover for The City of Tears

    The City of Tears

    Kate Mosse

  14. Book cover for The Burning Chambers

    The Burning Chambers

    Kate Mosse

  15. Book cover for Luster


    Raven Leilani

  16. Book cover for A Little Life

    A Little Life

    Hanya Yanagihara

  17. Book cover for The Adventures of Arsène Lupin, Gentleman-Thief

    The Adventures of Arsène Lupin, Gentleman-Thief

    Maurice Leblanc

  18. Book cover for The Silence

    The Silence

    Don DeLillo

  19. Book cover for The Children of Jocasta

    The Children of Jocasta

    Natalie Haynes

  20. Book cover for Savage Kiss

    Savage Kiss

    Roberto Saviano

  21. Book cover for Mother for Dinner

    Mother for Dinner

    Shalom Auslander

  22. Book cover for XX


    Rian Hughes

  23. Book cover for You Will Never Be Forgotten

    You Will Never Be Forgotten

    Mary South

  24. Book cover for Dance Prone

    Dance Prone

    David Coventry

  25. Book cover for The Blind Light

    The Blind Light

    Stuart Evers

  26. Book cover for Blue in Chicago

    Blue in Chicago

    Bette Howland

  27. Book cover for Summerwater


    Sarah Moss

  28. Book cover for The Yellow Wallpaper & Herland

    The Yellow Wallpaper & Herland

    Charlotte Perkins Gilman

  29. Book cover for Prelude & Other Stories

    Prelude & Other Stories

    Katherine Mansfield

  30. Book cover for Breasts and Eggs

    Breasts and Eggs

    Mieko Kawakami

  31. Book cover for The Light Years

    The Light Years

    Elizabeth Jane Howard

  32. Book cover for Marking Time

    Marking Time

    Elizabeth Jane Howard

  33. Book cover for Confusion


    Elizabeth Jane Howard

  34. Book cover for Casting Off

    Casting Off

    Elizabeth Jane Howard

  35. Book cover for All Change

    All Change

    Elizabeth Jane Howard

  36. Book cover for The Harpy

    The Harpy

    Megan Hunter

  37. Book cover for The Glass Hotel

    The Glass Hotel

    Emily St. John Mandel

  38. Book cover for The Pull of the Stars

    The Pull of the Stars

    Emma Donoghue

  39. Book cover for Shuggie Bain

    Shuggie Bain

    Douglas Stuart

  40. Book cover for Alligator and Other Stories

    Alligator and Other Stories

    Dima Alzayat

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