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Acclaimed works from prize-winning Picador authors, including Edward St Aubyn and Alan Hollinghurst. From must-read literary sensations like A Little Life to timeless classics like Plainsong, these are books that challenge conventions, spark debates and feed imaginations.

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  1. Book cover for 9781509895342
    The Distance Home

    Paula Saunders

  2. Book cover for 9781509859009
    I Want To Show You More

    Jamie Quatro

  3. Book cover for 9781529005561
    Diary of a Somebody

    Brian Bilston

  4. Book cover for 9781529016277
    King Zeno

    Nathaniel Rich

  5. Book cover for 9781509889976
    The Order of the Day

    Eric Vuillard

  6. Book cover for 9781529029581
    Before the Coffee Gets Cold

    Toshikazu Kawaguchi

  7. Book cover for 9781509882311
    Evening in Paradise

    Lucia Berlin

  8. Book cover for 9781509899807
    In the Ravine & Other Stories

    Anton Chekhov

  9. Book cover for 9781509883622
    How to Love a Jamaican

    Alexia Arthurs

  10. Book cover for 9781509890026
    Far From the Madding Crowd

    Thomas Hardy

    Helen Allingham

  11. Book cover for 9781509863846
    The Shepherd's Hut

    Tim Winton

  12. Book cover for 9781509883356
    Lovecraft Country

    Matt Ruff

  13. Book cover for 9781509841134
    Acts of Infidelity

    Lena Andersson

  14. Book cover for 9781509848010
    The Paper Lovers

    Gerard Woodward

  15. Book cover for 9781509809851

    Julian Gough

  16. Book cover for 9781509890033
    The Age of Innocence

    Edith Wharton

  17. Book cover for 9781509890002
    Agnes Grey

    Anne Brontë

  18. Book cover for 9781509892846

    Olivia Laing

  19. Book cover for 9781447200871
    The Clockmaker's Daughter

    Kate Morton

  20. Book cover for 9781509855339

    Sharlene Teo

  21. Book cover for 9781509806461
    My German Brother

    Chico Buarque

  22. Book cover for 9781509879236
    The Piranhas

    Roberto Saviano

  23. Book cover for 9781509827527
    The Long Forgotten

    David Whitehouse

  24. Book cover for 9781509806850
    The Burning Chambers

    Kate Mosse

  25. Book cover for 9781509823291
    The Master and Margarita

    Mikhail Bulgakov

  26. Book cover for 9781509870158
    Less Than Zero

    Bret Easton Ellis

  27. Book cover for 9781509870530
    The Master

    Colm Toibin

  28. Book cover for 9781509870639
    The Road

    Cormac McCarthy

  29. Book cover for 9781509858606
    Fire Sermon

    Jamie Quatro

  30. Book cover for 9781509851928
    The Spirit of Science Fiction

    Roberto Bolaño

  31. Book cover for 9781509841387
    The Melody

    Jim Crace

  32. Book cover for 9781509881390
    The Diary of a Nobody

    George Grossmith

    Weedon Grossmith

  33. Book cover for 9781509816163
    The Killing of Butterfly Joe

    Rhidian Brook

  34. Book cover for 9781509842438
    Things We Nearly Knew

    Jim Powell

  35. Book cover for 9781509855698
    Give Me Your Hand

    Megan Abbott

  36. Book cover for 9781509853922
    Dear Mrs Bird

    AJ Pearce

  37. Book cover for 9781447222842
    To the Hermitage

    Malcolm Bradbury

  38. Book cover for 9781509889174
    If Cats Disappeared From The World

    Genki Kawamura

  39. Book cover for 9781509848935
    I Love You Too Much

    Alicia Drake

  40. Book cover for 9781447259121
    The Faithful

    Juliet West

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