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Acclaimed works from prize-winning Picador authors, including Edward St Aubyn and Alan Hollinghurst. From must-read literary sensations like A Little Life to timeless classics like Plainsong, these are books that challenge conventions, spark debates and feed imaginations.

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Lucy Scholes reviews Hanya Yanagihara’s debut novel, The People in the Trees.

Tim Winton discusses The Shepherd’s Hut with Sophie Jonathan.

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  1. Book cover for Pages for Her
    Pages for Her

    Sylvia Brownrigg

  2. Book cover for The Riders
    The Riders

    Tim Winton

  3. Book cover for Dirt Music
    Dirt Music

    Tim Winton

  4. Book cover for Breath

    Tim Winton

  5. Book cover for Under the Sun
    Under the Sun

    Lottie Moggach

  6. Book cover for The Upstairs Room
    The Upstairs Room

    Kate Murray-Browne

  7. Book cover for Safe

    Ryan Gattis

  8. Book cover for The Sparsholt Affair
    The Sparsholt Affair

    Alan Hollinghurst

  9. Book cover for To Die in Spring
    To Die in Spring

    Ralf Rothmann

  10. Book cover for The End We Start From
    The End We Start From

    Megan Hunter

  11. Book cover for Heart of Darkness & other stories
    Heart of Darkness & other stories

    Joseph Conrad

  12. Book cover for Middlemarch

    George Eliot

  13. Book cover for Tess of the d'Urbervilles
    Tess of the d'Urbervilles

    Thomas Hardy

  14. Book cover for Cranford

    Elizabeth Gaskell

  15. Book cover for Patrick Melrose Volume 1
    Patrick Melrose Volume 1

    Edward St Aubyn

  16. Book cover for Patrick Melrose Volume 2
    Patrick Melrose Volume 2

    Edward St Aubyn

  17. Book cover for Marlena

    Julie Buntin

  18. Book cover for Often I Am Happy
    Often I Am Happy

    Jens Christian Grøndahl

  19. Book cover for The Reminders
    The Reminders

    Val Emmich

  20. Book cover for American War
    American War

    Omar El Akkad

  21. Book cover for The City & The City
    The City & The City

    China Miéville

  22. Book cover for Swimmer Among the Stars
    Swimmer Among the Stars

    Kanishk Tharoor

  23. Book cover for The Hearts of Men
    The Hearts of Men

    Nickolas Butler

  24. Book cover for Let Go My Hand
    Let Go My Hand

    Edward Docx

  25. Book cover for The Space Between the Stars
    The Space Between the Stars

    Anne Corlett

  26. Book cover for Ithaca

    Alan McMonagle

  27. Book cover for Perfect Little World
    Perfect Little World

    Kevin Wilson

  28. Book cover for Time of Hope
    Time of Hope

    C. P. Snow

  29. Book cover for George Passant
    George Passant

    C. P. Snow

  30. Book cover for The Masters
    The Masters

    C. P. Snow

  31. Book cover for The Last Days of New Paris
    The Last Days of New Paris

    China Miéville

  32. Book cover for All That's Left to Tell
    All That's Left to Tell

    Daniel Lowe

  33. Book cover for The Portrait of a Lady
    The Portrait of a Lady

    Henry James

  34. Book cover for Scenes of London Life
    Scenes of London Life

    Charles Dickens

    George Cruikshank

  35. Book cover for The Woman in White
    The Woman in White

    Wilkie Collins

  36. Book cover for Shriek

    Jeff VanderMeer

  37. Book cover for Veniss Underground
    Veniss Underground

    Jeff VanderMeer

  38. Book cover for Girl in Snow
    Girl in Snow

    Danya Kukafka

  39. Book cover for The Reason You're Alive
    The Reason You're Alive

    Matthew Quick

  40. Book cover for The Other Mrs Walker
    The Other Mrs Walker

    Mary Paulson-Ellis

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