Out on 14 March 2024

Paris: A Literary Anthology

Zachary Seager

14 March 2024
288 pages


Take a literary stroll through the streets of Paris, visit its world-famous monuments, delve into its history and wander amongst its poets and artists.

Countless authors and poets have lived and worked in Paris and here are their first-hand accounts and personal reflections. Gustave Flaubert lived through the 1848 French Revolution and Edith Wharton witnessed mobilisation for the Great War. George Orwell describes gruelling work in the depths of Parisian kitchens, whilst American travel writer, F. Berkeley Smith, casts an amused eye over the city’s lavish restaurants. Honoré de Balzac gives us Parisian intellectuals and Pablo Picasso is guest of honour at Gertrude Stein’s salon.

From the taking of the Bastille to a bookshop visit by Ernest Hemingway, this anthology celebrates the places, the people and the history of the magical, vibrant city of Paris.

Part of the new MCL series of gorgeous pocket-sized travel paperbacks, featuring Treasures of Cornwall, Yorkshire: A Literary Landscape and London: An Illustrated Literary Companion.