Book cover for Glued To The Box

Glued To The Box



06 April 2017
100 pages
Imprint: Picador


The funniest writer in Britain
Along with its two predecessors, it will stand as a once-only critical phenomenon: ten years' worth of high intelligence and wit
A third glittering selection
James reinvented the style of TV criticism. Described by Sheridan Morley as "far and away the funniest writer in regular Fleet Street employment", James was the first critic to prostrate himself before the flow of the medium in all its manifestations. He admitted to himself and his readers, that for most of us the frenzies commentary of Murray Walker and the uneasy elocution of Harry Carpenter are as important a part of TV as the most earnest offering from "Play for Today" or "The South Bank Show". They do not, of course, hope to be regarded as "art" but they are part of the same experience