Glued To The Box

Clive James

06 April 2017
100 pages


Adding to an already unforgettable collection of comic brilliance, Clive James followed-up Visions Before Midnight and The Crystal Bucket with Glued To The Box – the third and final collection of his hilarious, inimitable columns of TV criticism and a time capsule of 1970s/1980s entertainment.

'One of the few columnists who makes you laugh aloud' – Melvyn Bragg, Sunday Times

In 1982 Clive James, the man who made TV criticism an entertainment in its own right, hung up his hat after ten years as the Observer's regular television critic. From the election of Reagan, Ski Sunday and finding out who shot JR, to Michael Foot's Labour Party, the ITV Telethon and Minder, it was a memorable end to his legendary tenure.

'His contribution to the art and enjoyment of TV criticism over the past ten years has been immense. His work is deeply perceptive, often outrageously funny and always compulsively readable' – British Press Awards, on Clive James (Winner, Critic of the Year 1981)

Glued To The Box collects James's TV criticism published originally in the Observer between 1979 and 1982.

Clive James (1939–2019) was a broadcaster, critic, poet, memoirist and novelist. His much-loved, influential and hilarious television criticism is available both in three individual volumes, of which this is the third, and collected in a single volume in Clive James On Television.

Praise for Clive James:

'The perfect critic' – A.O. Scott, New York Times

'There can't be many writers of my generation who haven't been heavily influenced by Clive James' – Charlie Brooker

'A wonderfully witty and intelligent writer' – Verity Lambert

The funniest writer in Britain
Along with its two predecessors, it will stand as a once-only critical phenomenon: ten years' worth of high intelligence and wit
A third glittering selection