The Remake

Clive James

13 February 2014
224 pages


From the author of Cultural Amnesia, beloved writer, poet and broadcaster Clive James, The Remake is a satirical story of astronomy, celebrity and a certain sort of romance . . .

'As sharp as a tack and as clever as eleven wagonloads of monkeys' – Guardian

Astronomer Joel Court has problems. His interstellar discoveries might have landed him a weekly spot on the television, but before long his misbehaviour has lost him his wife, his mistress and quite possibly his career. He lands in the home of Chance Jenolan, to whom success was a way of life, who deals in a very different sort of star.

One of Chance's orbiting celebrities poses a particular problem for Joel. The Mole. Her heavenly body outshines all the celestial manifestations Joel has ever seen. Pretty soon, he will not be able to bear having her out of his sights.

The Remake is a consideration of the artistic and the media-star lifestyle, full of brilliant observation.’ ES Magazine
‘As sharp as a tack and as clever as eleven wagonloads of monkeys.’ Guardian
‘The reader is kept busy catching the glancing reflections, fitting together bits of puzzle and enjoying jokes. There is much that cries out to be quoted. Clive James’s latest book is funny, serious, challenging, annoying, iconoclastic, elitist, erudite and erotic.’ Adelaide Advertiser