Snakecharmers In Texas

Clive James

28 March 2013
384 pages


In Snakecharmers in Texas, a collection of essays, written between 1980-1987, Clive James tackles burning issues and shining personalities from Barry Humphries to Barry Manilow and Michael Jackson to Michael Foot.

He discusses the nuances of Kung Fu cinema, the lyrical footwork of Torvill and Dean and the charms of the Statue of Liberty; he reviews books, such as Roland Barthes' Camera Lucida and the poetry of Les Murray; and he writes passionately, knowledgably and hilariously on subjects ranging from the Sydney Opera House to snooker via the Cambridge Footlights.

Reminiscing about this book some years after publication, Clive James had this to say: 'For what an author's opinion of his work is worth, I think this is the book that best represents what I could actually do at a time of my life when I was under the impression that I could do everything at once and still stay out of hospital.'