Book cover for The Misunderstandings of Charity Brown

The Misunderstandings of Charity Brown

Ages 9 to 11



07 July 2022
352 pages
Imprint: Macmillan Children's Books


Elizabeth's writing is beautifully accessible, her characters are vivid and authentic. I loved Charity's voice; as I reader, I felt very close to her, experiencing the big changes in her life, and in herself, as she grows and learns more about the world outside her religious family. It's beautifully done.
The Misunderstandings of Charity Brown surprised and fascinated and delighted me, evoking so completely such a recently vanished world. I loved so many things about it: the family setting, the welcoming multicultural house and the growing up of Charity from ill child to funny, confident young person.
This family story is unusual and a delight to read – funny, caring, warm, and unerringly in touch with the anguish of adolescence.
a total pleasure, written with affection as well as art and never for a moment outstaying its welcome. Now something of a veteran children’s author herself, Elizabeth Laird has once again come up with something truly rather special.