Murder Movie

Jill McGown

16 November 2017
304 pages


From the bestselling author of The Inspector Lloyd and Sergeant Hill Series...

Frank Derwent , known in the business as FD, the multibillion-dollar director and Hollywood hotshot, has come to western Scotland to shoot a simple movie of love gone wrong. But most of the real action here happens off-screen. If you could put secrets in a box, the things this cast are hiding would be too large to carry.

Still, the show must go on. Unless someone is murdered, of course – and that someone is Barbara, the budding starlet, who also happens to be FD’s nineteen-year-old mistress. Not quite as sweet as she seemed, she knew knew how to blackmail like a professional.

Although talented Detective Patterson is on call to lend the local police a hand, he can’t prevent a second murder. And when a third dead body makes everyone suspect one another, even Patterson discovers that no one is safe from their past.

Assured, tight plot, with a shivery undercurrent of sexual frustration . . . Thoroughly readable, McGown has never yet disappointed
High marks for its sleight of hand
McGown invests her alpha-plus plot with suggestive variations on eroticism gone wrong. Classic criminal legerdemain, staffed by today's victims and victimisers