Unlucky for Some

Jill McGown

08 May 2014
340 pages


February 13th: what seemed like Wilma Fenton's lucky night, when she scooped her biggest-ever win at bingo, turned out to be the night she died at the hands of someone lurking in the dimly lit alleyway leading to her flat.

An eyewitness to the incident gives Detective Chief Inspectors Lloyd and Hill some hope. But the witness is Tony Baker, an ambitious TV journalist and TV personality, who, almost twenty years ago, single-handedly tracked down a serial killer. Did Baker see more than he claims? Does he want to beat the police to the punch again?

This complication triggers a deadly chain of events when the man the media will come to call the Anonymous Assassin publicly challenges Baker to catch him before he strikes again. In the full glare of the national media, Lloyd and Hill must spearhead a force-wide hunt for a relentless killer . . .

With serpentine suspense, McGown weaves a net around her suspects
McGown teases to the absolute, agonizing limit
Impeccable plotting, alibi- and clue-weaving